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Electric compact utility vehicles from Germany.

Emission-free and low-noise for more sustainability.

Our lightweight electric utility vehicles (L7E class) are ultra-compact electric delivery vans – but that’s not all. The platform of our Tropos ABLE is so versatile that it can be configured for almost any type of logistics scenario – be it towns and cities, industry and intralogistics, agriculture and trade, or hotels and parks.

With its alloyed steel tube frame, disk brakes at the front and rear and an automotive suspension, our electric compact utility vehicle can transport a lot.

You can choose between an AGM or a lithium-ion battery. 

Do you need help implementing a new logistics strategy? Our sales team is happy to assist you with individual solutions.


Our vehicles are durable and reliable: you can count on them for optimum performance and savings every time.

Lightweight and efficient

The Tropos ABLE was developed and built as an electric vehicle right from the very beginning. It is light and aerodynamic.


Thanks to their small dimensions, tight turning circle and ample load capacity, our vehicles are suitable for a vast range of different applications.

Power train

The Tropos power train is a unique electric drive system that has been specially developed for fully electric utility vehicles. The system can provide varying power performance for different electric mobility solutions. Our proprietary drive systems include motors, steering and gearboxes designed and manufactured to meet different torque and speed requirements.


The chassis have been specially developed for electric utility vehicles that provide high performance and efficiency thanks to their lightweight, modular and balanced structure.


Eingebaute Intelligenz für effizienten Betrieb und erhöhte Sicherheit.