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Body types.

Disinfection and cleaning with dry steam.

With its combination of a compact electric van and a powerful dry steam device body, employee and the Tropos ABLE can go almost anywhere.

With its special disinfection and surface cleaning body, the Tropos ABLE can be used in public and private sectors for the disinfection and cleaning of contact surfaces and objects as well as for cityscape care. Viruses, bacteria and fungi can be inactivated using the dry steam device body. According to the WHO, heat at 56°C kills the SARS coronavirus.

With a width of just 1.40 meters, the Tropos ABLE shows its strengths: surface cleaning and disinfection can now be carried out more conveniently and efficiently. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Tropos ABLE can be driven wherever larger vehicles cannot. It is also not necessary to lug cleaning equipment, as all the equipment is put onto the vehicle.

How dry steam works

The steam’s high pressure and thermal energy guarantee that surfaces and objects are effectively cleaned and disinfected.

Saturated dry steam cleans and disinfects in three stages:

  1. Physical removal of dirt
  2. Cleaning just with steam or disinfectant by spraying from a distance
  3. Drying

Properties / Advantages:

  • Pathogens do not survive the high temperatures used in steam cleaning
  • Steam is not abrasive and is therefore suitable for delicate surfaces
  • The water consumption is only around 10 litres/hour for a steam production of around 95 g/min
  • No soil contamination from harmful waste water

Disinfection body

Depending on the application, our disinfection bodies can comply with the Robert Koch Institute’s efficacy category B.

Combating viruses with an industrial steam cleaner

Virus inactivation is the process of treating viruses with different substances, heat or radiation so that they cease to be infective. Carrying out virus inactivation with different technical methods is a special form of sterilisation/disinfection.


Viruses can be inactivated if treated with heat. When exposed to temperatures between 55°C and 70°C (humid heat), viral envelopes are denatured within a few minutes, thereby becoming non-infective.

  • The Robert Koch Institute has published guidance on the use of steam sterilising for medical devices: (in German)
  • The WHO has written on the sensitivity of the new SARS coronavirus at temperatures above 56°C:

As mentioned above, viral envelopes exposed to temperatures of 55–70°C denature within a few minutes. The steam cleaner works at a significantly higher temperature, which should greatly reduce the time taken for the viruses to denature; there have been no studies that confirm this, however.

Technical information

Pressure adjustable: max. 9,5 bar
Boiler temperature (adjustable): 178°C
Warm-up time: 3 Minuten
Operating temperature: 85°C ~ 137°C
Fuel tank capacity: 23 liters
Fuel consumption: 2-4 liters/hour
Water tank capacity: 200 liters
Consumption of water: approx. 10 liters/hour
Steam quantity: approx. 300 cc/min
Tube length: 10 m