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Using Dry Steam against Viruses

New Surface Cleaning and Disinfection System for the Tropos ABLE electric transporter

Herne, 16 July 2020 – TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE will be presenting several innovations for its Tropos ABLE electric transporters in July. These include a surface cleaning and disinfection system for the deactivation of viruses, bacteria and fungi using dry steam without the addition of chemicals. This can be expedient in outdoor areas and public spaces – in fact, anywhere where surfaces are exposed to frequent contact.

The steam technology installed in the Tropos ABLE disinfection system generates dry steam that applies very little moisture and can be used on any surface. High pressure combined with thermal energy guarantees effective cleansing and disinfection for contact surfaces and objects. No additional disinfectants are required. The dry steam’s exit temperature at the tip of the lance is 135°C. According to the WHO, heat above 56°C also deactivates the SARS coronavirus. At 55-70°C, the virus shells are denatured in a matter of minutes.

The electric transporter is not only emission-free; the use of dry steam also means it produces no environmentally harmful wastewater. Water consumption is around ten litres per hour with a steam production of approx. 95 g/min. The equipment is installed in the vehicle and can be driven directly to its point of use. Because it is just 1.40 metres wide, the Tropos ABLE can also be used almost anywhere, even in tight spaces.

“Whether it's an amusement park, zoo, camping site, hotel complex or urban space, wherever there are limits to larger vehicles or work is done on foot, the Tropos ABLE offers an ideal and time-effective alternative. There is also no need to carry heavy cleaning equipment. A further advantage is that steam is non-abrasive and therefore ideal for sensitive surfaces,” says Markus Schrick, Managing Director of TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE.

The Tropos ABLE models have ranges of up to 260 km and are available with both AGM batteries and lithium-ion technology. A 200-litre water tank for the disinfection system has been built in. The steam technology itself weighs around 100 kilograms.

A 3-in-1 Solutions Made in Germany

The disinfection system is not the only innovation TROPOS is launching on the market in the summer of 2020. Based on the multivariable platform, two further bodies have been developed in Germany especially for the compact Tropos ABLE: with a leaf grid or tarpaulin structure. The only thing needed to extend the platform to accommodate a leaf screen or tarpaulin is a transport frame. This expands the platform into a 3-in-1 solution to meet the most diverse requirements of local authorities, cities, zoos, leisure parks, hotel facilities, camping sites, intralogistics, facility management, landscaping or skilled trades.