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Tropos Motors Europe hands over electronic utility vehicle kits to the Bochum University of Applied Sciences

Herne, August 12, 2020 - Innovation, research and development make a sustainable future possible. But new ways require not only courage and competence, but also the right partners. Two of these innovation partners in the Ruhrvalley network are the Bochum University of Applied Sciences and the electronic commercial vehicle manufacturer TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE. Together they are working on solutions in the field of electromobility. On August 12th, TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE handed over two kits of the Tropos ABLE electronic utility vehicle, which were purchased by the University as part of the national Talent Scouting Program.

The kits are assembled under the guidance of engineers from the Institute for Electromobility at Bochum University of Applied Sciences for training and motivation purposes by students. The Tropos ABLE will then be used as a “talent mobile” that gives students practical insights into scientific and technical fields of study and work. The second vehicle is intended for research and teaching. It is intended to serve the education of students in the field of electromobility and will be used in research projects for autonomous driving and smart city projects.

"The Ruhr area is developing into a true innovation hotbed. We would like to actively contribute our knowledge to this process and, as partners, drive forward both the economic development of the region and scientific research. The future can only be shaped by working together," says Markus Schrick, Managing Director of TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE.

Prof. Dr. Michael Schugt, Director of the Institute for Electromobility and Vice President for Research, Transfer and Entrepreneurship at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences: "In the ruhrvalley, we are convinced that sustainable mobility can only be developed successfully if we bundle our know-how from research and industry and implement the results directly in the cities and also make them visible. At the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, young professionals study in the fields of energy and post-fossil mobility, and sustainable mobility solutions are developed in numerous research projects at the Institute for Electric Mobility. The partnership with TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE opens up new potential for practical training and the possibility of implementing innovative projects on site and testing them under real conditions.”

TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE has therefore recently become a member of the ruhrvalley Cluster e.V., which is also based in Herne. The purpose of the association is to promote innovation, especially in the areas of energy supply, mobility and digitalization. Together with the participating university institutes, groups and young technology companies from the ruhrvalley network, the aim is to uncover optimization potential of the electric drive components and promote the intelligent networking of TROPOS vehicles for different areas of use.  The partners in the "ruhrvalley - Mobility and Energy for Metropolitan Change" network want to develop safe and sustainable technologies to help shape the transformation of the Ruhr region and at the same time establish it as a model for the sustainable development of metropolitan regions.

"For us, TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE is the ideal member. A whole range of our companies in the ruhrvalley is involved in the engineering and testing of electric drive components, associated control units and software. For the further development of the TROPOS vehicles, we can now bring these competencies together and the vehicles can then be tested in companies from the ruhrvalley network in a variety of application areas," says Torben Lippmann, Managing Director of the ruhrvalley Cluster e.V.

About Ruhrvalley

The future topics of energy system transformation, new mobility and digital transformation of complex systems pose essential challenges for today’s world and especially for metropolitan areas.  In the university and business partnership "ruhrvalley - Mobility and Energy for Metropolitan Change", the partners pursue the goal of developing safe and future-proof technologies to help shape the transformation of the Ruhr region and at the same time establish the Ruhr region as a model for the sustainable development of metropolitan areas.

ruhrvalley is an innovation ecosystem which, as a network and project organization, brings together actors from science, business and politics to create better conditions for the successful development and implementation of ideas on a metropolitan scale. In flexible and flat structures, the network partners cooperate across disciplinary, institutional and corporate boundaries.


TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE, a subsidiary of the MOSOLF Group, specializes in compact, electric utility vehicles for factory and city logistics. The German company has specialized in producing purely electric, compact utility vehicles in the L7E-CU (Electric Compact Unit Vehicles) category. The electric transporters are designed to handle an extremely broad range of intended applications.

The TROPOS electric transporters are long-lasting and versatile vehicles. They are able to carry a large payload, have the largest loading space in their class and can be used in very confined areas, thanks to their short wheelbase and their small turning circle. The electric utility vehicles can be operated inside, outside and on unpaved areas and are available with a wide variety of exchangeable vehicle bodies.

About the MOSOLF Group: system services from one source

The MOSOLF Group is one of the leading systems service providers for the automobile industry in Europe. The range of services made available by the family business, which was founded in 1955 and has its headquarters in Kirchheim/Teck, include customized logistics, technology and service solutions, which are provided by using a network of business sites across Europe and a multimodal fleet of transport vehicles. The MOSOLF Group is divided into four central business units: Releasing Solutions, Transport Solutions, Logistics & Services and Retail Solutions. The range of services offered by the MOSOLF Group covers the complete value-added chain for automobile logistics: from the end of the production line to recycling. In addition to transporting vehicles, (cars, light commercial vehicles, high & heavy), workshop services, special vehicle construction, industrial painting, mobility services, electromobility, releasing agent services and vehicle recycling are all part of the company's portfolio. Within this framework, MOSOLF offers all-round and customer-oriented solutions for the automobile industry, fleet operators and dealers from one source and handles the associated flow of data using modern software solutions.

About Bochum University and Talent Scouting

The Bochum University of Applied Sciences has more than 20 years of experience in the construction of electric vehicles and has firmly integrated the construction of electric vehicles into the education of engineers with the SolarCar project.

One Tropos ABLE will then be used for talent scouting in the area of MINT talent search. According to the motto "I find technical talents", the ”talent mobile” provides in-depth insights into such fields of study and profession through attractive scientific and technical experiments. It is designed to help students discover previously unrecognized talents and interests. Especially in the fields of technology and engineering, such experience is clearly underrepresented in the school sector. With the “talent mobile” individual promotion possibilities are opened, in order to place the career and study choice decisions on a solid basis.

Pictures © Thomas Schmidt, city of Herne

© Thomas Schmidt, Stadt Herne
© Thomas Schmidt, Stadt Herne