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Tropos Motors brings new vehicle bodies on to the market for delivery and distribution services

Herne, 26 October 2021 – E-mobility for any kinds of operational purposes: Tropos Motors Europe is presenting two new vehicle bodies. In addition to a tarpaulin roller blind, the electric utility vehicle manufacturer is presenting an absolute market innovation: a vehicle body with three sliding doors. Both vehicle bodies have been specially designed for city logistics and courier, express and parcels traffic, but are also ideally suitable for other purposes such as intralogistics or building management.

The marked increase in volumes of traffic in cities is posing enormous challenges, particularly for delivery service companies. Whether they are delivering packages, retail goods or food – using compact e-transporters or cargo bikes for inner-city logistics not only ensures that the volume of noise and pollutants is reduced, but there are also fewer traffic jams; it is easier to park the vehicles and deliveries are completed more quickly. Tropos ABLE vehicles, which are just 1.40 metres wide, can double-park without any problems and travel along narrow routes. Thanks to their short wheelbase and their turning circle of just 3.96 metres, they are ideally suited for loading goods at local handling points, so-called “micro-hubs”. With an operating range of up to 260 kilometres, delivery tours with these vehicles can be planned in a flexible way. The electric Tropos ABLE fills a niche between heavy cargo bikes and large transport vehicles – and can carry a volume up to 5 m³.

The new box bodies with a tarpaulin roller blind and sliding doors have been specially developed with customers for the last mile. Tropos is presenting a genuine market innovation with its sliding door solution: thanks to the 3-part design of the doors, they can be opened from both sides and telescoped to occupy one third of the space and this significantly simplifies access to parcels and transport containers.

“Urban logistics is becoming increasingly sophisticated. More and more solutions are available, and they now offer customers the suitable vehicle for every need. We’re constantly looking for the best solutions for our customers with our compact electric vehicles and are adapting our products to the needs of the sector. We’re making available flexible and efficient solutions for the last mile with these new box bodies for the Tropos ABLE vehicles and can design them on the basis of a modular system. We can also handle individual wishes,” says Markus Schick, Managing Director of Tropos Motors Europe.  

A flexible innovation package for the latest urban logistics

The base for the vehicle bodies, which have been developed and manufactured in Germany, consists of a stable aluminium frame and a loading floor made of screen-printing plates. The vehicle bodies are either available with a tarpaulin roller blind or sliding doors in two sizes – “XL” and “XXL”. In order to simplify loading procedures in any operating conditions, double folding doors can be attached at the rear too. It is also possible to adapt the layout of the cargo area and the arrangement of the compartments to meet customers’ specific wishes. The cargo area can be equipped, for example, with shelf mountings for Euroboxes, which are either a permanent feature or – to provide even greater flexibility – can be rolled. Completely individual fittings are also possible to meet customers’ requirements.