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Market launch for the new Tropos ABLE XT

Lithium-ion power for short and medium distances

Herne, 19 August 2020 – The electric compact utility vehicle manufacturer, TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE, is bringing a new model on to the market. Thanks to its powerful lithium-ion battery, the Tropos ABLE XT has a range of up to 260 kilometres. The compact e-transporter can be ordered now and is available in two designs and with different types of vehicle bodies. As a result, it can meet the demands of different sectors and help reduce the CO2 footprint of companies, local authorities and municipal firms in the long term.

“The special feature about our emission-free electric compact utility vehicles is their compact size combined with the largest loading space in their class. As a result, they are able to carry two Europa pallets and an equipment box on the open platform area; the box bodies can accommodate up to 4.5 m3 of goods. As the vehicle is only 1.40 metres wide and has a small turning circle, the Tropos ABLE is able to reach a wide variety of operating sites better than comparable models with wider dimensions,” says Marcus Schrick, Managing Director of TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE. “The ABLE XT now enables us to offer a lithium-ion vehicle that is approved for Europe and it offers a significantly higher operating range than our ABLE ST. This will significantly extend our portfolio and we’ll now be able to meet our customers’ requirements even better.”

Depending on what is required, the ABLE XT can be equipped with one or two lithium-ion packs and can therefore cover distances of up to 260 km. The electric transporter on average consumes 12.8 kWh per 100 kilometres and meets the A+ efficiency class. The battery can be charged at any normal household power socket, as is the case with the ABLE ST. Thanks to the so-called EasySwap® system, the electric transporter can be transformed from a utility vehicle with an open platform or tarpaulin into a closed delivery van with a box body in just a few moments. As the ABLE XT shares the platform with the ABLE ST, the different types of vehicle bodies are identical and can be exchanged with each other. This increases the degree of flexibility within the fleet.

However, this is more than just an electric utility vehicle: by using the data box, which has been developed by TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE, the Tropos ABLE can be networked with a wide variety of digital applications. Regardless of whether you need fleet management, the Internet of Things, predictive data hubs or “transport as a service” – the possible applications and the type of usage can be extended many times over.

In addition to the standard equipment that is available for the ABLE ST, the ABLE XT has an extended information display, an acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS), recuperation and ABS. Its maximum speed is 60 km/h.

The TROPOS ABLE models can be used in a wide variety of settings: towns, local authorities, industry and internal logistics, facility management, craftsmen's businesses, gardening and landscaping, nutrition, agriculture, delivery services, the hospitality sector, tourism, leisure parks and zoos.

TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE provides a two-year guarantee for its electric TROPOS ABLE and a 5-year guarantee for the battery. Prices for the TROPOS ABLE XT1 with one lithium-ion pack start at EUR 23,000 net and EUR 27,000 net for the TROPOS ABLE XT2 with two lithium-ion packs; These prices do not include any vehicle body features.



TROPOS MOTORS EUROPE, a subsidiary of the MOSOLF Group, specialises in compact, electric utility vehicles for factory and city logistics. The German company has specialised in producing purely electric, compact utility vehicles in the L7E-CU (Electric Compact Unit Vehicles) category. The electric transporters are designed to handle an extremely broad range of intended applications.

The TROPOS electric transporters are long-lasting and versatile vehicles. They are able to carry a large payload, have the largest loading space in their class and can be used in very confined areas, thanks to their short wheelbase and their small turning circle. The electric utility vehicles can be operated inside, outside and on unpaved areas and are available with a wide variety of exchangeable vehicle bodies.


About the MOSOLF Group: system services from one source

The MOSOLF Group is one of the leading systems service providers for the automobile industry in Europe. The range of services made available by the family business, which was founded in 1955 and has its headquarters in Kirchheim unter Teck, include customised logistics, technology and service solutions, which are provided by using a network of business sites across Europe and a multimodal fleet of transport vehicles. The MOSOLF Group is divided into four central business units: Releasing Solutions, Transport Solutions, Logistics & Services and Retail Solutions. The range of services offered by the MOSOLF Group covers the complete value-added chain for automobile logistics: from the end of the production line to recycling. In addition to transporting vehicles, (cars, light commercial vehicles, high & heavy), workshop services, special vehicle construction, industrial painting, mobility services, electromobility, releasing agent services and vehicle recycling are all part of the company's portfolio. Within this framework, MOSOLF offers all-round and customer-oriented solutions for the automobile industry, fleet operators and dealers from one source and handles the associated flow of data using modern software solutions.