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Watch our Tropos ABLE in e-motion. We give you insights into user experiences, testings, events and many more. Enjoy the e-ride.

Zero emission in-storage care

MOSOLF locations use the Tropos ABLE for the in-storage care of vehicles. This reduces CO2 emissions in the provision of services. A statement for sustainable logistics and climate protection.

Hard-working helper at the Brothof Waake

Direct marketer uses Tropos ABLE XT1 in many ways. Electric utility vehicles in organic farming? That fits, says operations manager Johann von Grafenstein-Lohrberg, who uses the locally emission-free Tropos ABLE in a variety of ways for harvesting, supply and logistics.

Stadium tour - Range test through the Ruhr valley

STADIUM TOUR with the Tropos ABLE XT2 100% electric and a range of 260 kilometers? Jens Tampier, sports editor for DAZN and Magenta Sport, is doing the test with our compact, electric utility vehicle. We can tell: he had to cruise a lot all over the Ruhr valley to get the Tropos ABLE enough kilometers.

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